Competition Range

The Hogue Action Pistol Range is the premier action pistol range on the West Coast.

We have 13 bays ranging from 20 yards to 50 yards, host five full time shooting venues, and a number of Major or annual events. 

Action Pistol/USPSA

San Luis Action Pistol shoots the 2nd Saturday of each month with registration at 8:00, shooting at 9:00. In addition, we are now offering a second match each month, a Tactical Pistol Match on the 4th Sunday of the month prior to the Rim Fire Match. This match is a great starter match for those who want to get into Practical/Tactical shooting. It has 4 stages with the round counts around 100 rounds. 

San Luis Action Pistol (SLAP) is a USPSA affiliated action pistol club. We are open to the public and you do not need to be a member (of SLOSA or USPSA) to participate. NEW SHOOTERS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME. If you are tired of just putting holes in paper and are interested in the exciting sport of USPSA shooting there is no need to come and watch prior to your first match, just come to our regular monthly match and we will give you an introduction to action pistol, safety and shooting. Every month, many first-time shooters participate get hooked on action pistol.

Bring your unloaded gun (in a bag or case), a holster, 4 or more magazines with magazine holders and a Range Officer will explain where and when you may handle your firearm. You will be given a short range safety briefing and an introduction to the rules before the match starts. Then you will then be guided through the match by more experienced shooters.

Our monthly match usually consists of four to five stages and one classifier. Round count is around 200 but bring extra for make up shots.

Do Not bring a loaded firearm on to the range! Don't worry about whether your gun is suited for USPSA - bring what you have. There is a division for almost any center fire pistol 9mm or larger.

San Luis Action Pistol is now using Practiscore for our pre-registration and scoring, please click on the link below to pre-register for all of our USPSA events (search SLOSA). If you are not a member of USPSA, just enter PEN in the field where it asks for your number. You do not have to be a member to shoot our monthly club matches.

Practiscore Link  

Match Fees are $30 for non-members with a $5 discount for SLOSA members and a $5 discount for USPSA members - if you are a member of SLOSA and USPSA you shoot for $20. Spouses shoot for $15. So come on out and learn how to safely and properly operate your handgun or revolver at one of the best shooting range’s in the country.

If you have any questions please contact Kit or Lorin Wingfield, Match Directors

If you are interested in becoming an RSO, please contact Brent Pruett, RSO Coordinator

USPSA 2014 Rule Book (most recent): Rules

SLOSA Range Waivers, Adult & Minor: Range Waivers

Keep in touch easier by joining us on Facebook for match announcements, pictures, and general discussion.

Defensive Pistol/IDPA

IDPA shoots the First Saturday of the month at the Hogue Action Pistol Range. The best information on upcoming matches is either from the PractiScore sign-up website or from  the club's Facebook page.

IDPA rules allow new shooters to shoot three matches without joining the International Defensive Pistol Association.  After that, you need to be a member.  You can join online on the IDPA website (   Membership currently costs $40 a year.

New Shooters: If you haven't shot with us before, please check the new shooters info under Match Details on this page. 

Match Details

Our IDPA usually shoots the 1st Saturday of each month. Registration begins at 8:00 AM, closes at 8:45 AM, and the shooting starts at 9:00 AM sharp.  BUT CHECK PRACTISCORE AND FACEBOOK EACH MONTH TO BE CERTAIN!

If you haven't shot with us at the Hogue Action Pistol Range, you need to be here at 8:30 AM for a new shooter orientation.

IDPA rules require you to be an IDPA member to shoot IDPA after your first match.  We have not been enforcing this.  But to STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to do the right thing by joining IDPA (or renewing your membership if it has expired), we're raising our match fees as shown below.  If you're a current member of SLOSA AND a current member of IDPA you'll still shoot for $15.

Match Fees:

For more information about IDPA shooting at the Hogue Action Pistol Range contact:

   Joe Little (805) 703-3029


   John Rogers (805) 801-8464


The Central Coast Wheelgunners shoot ICORE matches on the 3rd Saturday of each month.  Registration opens at 8:00 AM and closes at 9:00 AM when we begin the walkthrough of the match stages. Cost is $20.  Please Pre-Register on Practiscore.

Matches are held at the Hogue Action Pistol range located at 3270 Gilardi Rd. San Luis Obispo, CA on Highway 1 between Cuesta college and Morro Bay.  

Check out this NRA Shooting Sports USA article about ICORE!! 

For more information about ICORE shooting at SLOSA, contact: Mark Mulliner at aupperlevel @

New Shooter or new to ICORE? If it is your first time shooting ICORE or first time shooting at our range, follow this link for more information.  Click here to find out more about the ICORE organization.


Welcome to SLOSA Central Coast Rimfire

Matches are on the Sunday after the 4th Saturday of the Month

The next SLOSA Rimfire match is T.B.D.

Registration is from 12-12:25, Shooting starts at 12:30. 

Please pre-register at no cost on Practiscore at Match Pre-Registration

(Please pre-register even if there is a possibility you might not take part)

Central Coast Rimfire's focus is the timed action shooting of handguns and rifles chambered for .22LR rimfire.  We especially welcome those new to firearms and the shooting sports! We meet on the Sunday following the 4th Saturday of the month at the Hogue Action Pistol Range located on the grounds of SLOSA shooting complex.  Gates open at 11:45, registration begins at noon with the match beginning at 12:30 pm.  

Most matches consist of 6 stages (3 handgun, 3 long gun), with each stage containing 4-8 targets.  We shoot each stage 5 times.  That equates to about 250 rounds maximum plus any misses.  Though our matches are timed, they are also friendly and fun with firearms safety and education being our top priorities.  The targeting isn't over-the-top either.  You can do it!  Come on out and join us!

Competition Divisions: 1.) "Open" which allows optic and red dot sights along with muzzle brakes, compensators and porting on semiautomatic firearms; 2.) "Limited" which allows iron sights only and no brakes/compensators/porting on semiautos.  3.) "Manually Operated" which allows bolt, lever and pump action rifles and single or double action revolvers all with irons sights only.  4.) "Cowboy/Cowgirl" which allows old west-style lever and pump rifles with exposed hammers and single-action revolvers, all with iron sights.

Match Fees:  Adults: $25.00.  Adult SLOSA members or active military: $15.00.  Current college students: $15.00. 

Ammunition & Firearms: Competitors are responsible for procuring their own ammunition.  If you need to borrow a rifle and/or a pistol, we have loaners available.  Please contact the Match Director (see below) well before the match to ensure that firearm(s) will be available for your use.  For those using firearms with detachable magazines or clips, it's advisable but not mandatory to have 5 of each magazine/clip to ensure an efficiently flowing match.  Those shooting tube-fed firearms are encouraged to investigate Spee-D-Loaders at Those shooting high capacity double-action revolvers are urged to consider DS-10-SPEED loaders or one of the many copies readily available.

Safety Equipment: Eye protection (prescription glasses or sunglasses are fine) must be worn at all times while on the range. Hearing protection must be worn during the match.

Match Notices and Updates: Please refer to our Facebook Page below for up to date information regarding SLO Central Coast Rimfire.  Please like/subscribe/recommend our FB page at:  SLOSA Rimfire on Facebook

Match Results may be viewed on Practiscore at:  Match Results

Match Director: Derrick Bettale --  email

Go shooting today!  It won't become any easier or less expensive tomorrow!

Steel Challenge

We shoot 2 steel challenge matches each month. The Sunday following the first Saturday is a single gun match. Then the Sunday following the third Saturday is a muti-gun match, shoot 1 or more guns.  

Registration begins by 8:00 AM (please register ahead of time on-line using if possible).  Please arrive no later than 8:30 AM the morning of the match for payment of fees and squadding. New Shooter Orientation is at 8:45 AM, and Shooting starts at 9:00 AM.  

The match fees are: 

The Steel Challenge is friendly to all handgun, sight and action types. Shooters can participate in many different categories.

Centerfire categories shoot from a holster and include:   Open (optics), Limited (USPSA guidelines), Iron Sight Revolver, Optical Sight Revolver and Single Action

Rimfire shoots from "low ready" and includes:   Iron Sight Rimfire and Open Rimfire (optical sights)

(Note: A holster is not necessary for rimfire shooters, but a bag or case of some sort is needed to store the gun between stages)

We also allow pistol caliber carbines (rifles which shoot pistol calibers such as 9mm) in both iron sights (PCCI) and optics (PCCO)

The Steel Challenge organization has some additional specialty categories which we currently track including:

Law Enforcement, Military, Lady, Senior (55-64) and Super Senior (65+)

We shoot 8 stages. Each stage has 5 steel targets and we shoot each stage 5 times (strings) except for "Outer Limits" which we shoot 4 strings.  That's a minimum of 195 rounds if you don't miss.  Make-up shots are allowed so the typical match is around 250 rounds.  It's preferable to have 5 magazines or speed loaders (or a good friend to reload magazines for you between strings) to save time.  We throw out the worst string and total up the rest to give a total time for the match.

The 8 Stages of Steel Challenge are:   5 To Go - Accelerator - Outer Limits - Pendulum - Roundabout - Showdown - Smoke & Hope - Speed Option 

Steel Challenge Rules can be found at the Steel Challenge website 

For more information about Steel shooting at the SLOSA range, contact the Steel Challenge venue head.   Randy Ellison