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San Luis Obispo Sportsmen's Association

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  • Members With their own equipment: $5 per shooter
  • Members Using Range Equipment: $10 per shooter
  • Non-Members With their own equipment :  $10 per shooter
  • Non-Members Using Range Equipment: $15 per shooter
  • Please be advised there will be no sharing of Range Equipment.

 Please note that we only accept debit or credit. We do not accept cash or check.

Shirts and shoes are required at all times while on the Archery range or any other portion of the SLOSA Public Range.
The SLOSA Archery range is a (carry in/ carry out) facility. If you bring food, drinks, paper targets etc. please remove any trash from the range when you leave. There are dumpsters in the parking lot you can use to dispose of these items. Thank you for keeping our range clean!
Please adhere to the 5mph signs in the driveway. Our roads are not paved and high speed traffic can cause damage to the driveway.
Only field points are allowed if you bring your own equipment. We do not allow the use of Broadheads unless you bring your own broadhead target. We do not allow the use of Crossbows on any of the range targets. If you use a Crossbow, you must bring your own target. The bolts from a crossbow can become lodged in our targets because they are too short. 
We also do not allow any targets that represent a human form. This includes any photos or silhouettes. Thank you for your consideration.


Bows and arrows are available for loan at the range. We do not provide finger tabs.

 Please be advised that all equipment loans are first come, first served. There will be $50 fee for any range bow that is dry-fired and needs to be re-strung. There will be a $3 fee for every arrow not returned after shooting. Make sure to shoot within your own personal skill level. If you feel that you are missing the target from further away, move to a closer target. You'll enjoy yourself much more if you're not spending most of your time looking for arrows. Please remember that several people shoot at the archery range and lose their personal arrows. If you find one, please turn it in to a range employee so it can be placed in the lost and found. Do not take it home with you. If a individual is caught trying to leave the range with equipment that does not belong to them, they will be asked to leave and not return. Thank you for your cooperation. 
Archery Range May Close Early Due To Lack Of Attendance or foul weather. 
Monday through Thursday CLOSED
Saturday & Sunday 9:00 AM until 2:00 PM

We have several targets ranging from 20 yards to 70 yards.

All minors (under 18 years) must be accompanied by an adult at all times and places on the range.

The Archery range has a second location!
There is a 14 target walking course located in the back range on the Black powder range.  It is open tentatively on the 3rd Sunday of each month from 9am to Noon (subject to cancellation due to weather conditions and availability of staff). Cancellations will be posted at the top of this page. The fee is $5 per person. This is a separate charge from the front archery range and does not cover use of the front range.


 Contact Chris Koehler (Archery Director). Please read entire page before emailing. Most of your questions should be answered above as far as pricing and hours are concerned.


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