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San Luis Obispo Sportsmen's Association

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Rifle/Pistol (805) 541-3338      Trap/Skeet (805) 547-1209

There are some new/changed procedures for the reopened range.  The details of the new procedures can be found   in COVID SLOSA Reopening Plan by clicking on this link.

A few additional follow-ups to the reopening:

1) The Reopening Plan mentions pre-registering and pre-paying before visiting the range.   We have that ability in place for some of our matches (e.g., Action Pistol range matches).   However, we currently DO NOT have that in place for the rifle-pistol or shotgun or archery ranges.   We are working towards that.   For now, RIFLE-PISTOL AND SHOTGUN RANGES ARE FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED.   Sorry for any confusion caused.

2) The reopening plan says people over 65 or with a serious medical condition should "please consider the health risk before participating".   Some members have interpreted that to mean that older members are not welcome.   That is NOT the case.  COVID does seem to be harder on those of us who aren't spring chickens any longer and have other medical issues.   It is probably good advice for us older folks to use a little extra caution about possible exposure in all situations (not just the range).   That said, if you feel comfortable coming out, you are more than welcome.    The SLOSA team worked hard with DFW to get this agreement in place and we hope everyone who wants to participate at the range comes out, feels welcome and enjoys themselves.

Welcome to the San Luis Obispo Sportsmen's Association.
     See the About Us section for an introduction to our club and the many activities at our range..

News and Upcoming Events:


Please explore our website and come visit our range.    We have world class Rifle-Pistol, Trap & Skeet, and Archery ranges.   We offer safety and introduction education through the Hunter Safety classes and GALS program.  We have a variety of monthly matches including Muzzleloader, Cowboy Action Shooting, High Power, and a variety of action pistol and related matches (IDPA, ICORE, Steel Challenge, USPSA, Rimfire, 3-gun and Tactical Shotgun).    You will find more information about each by clicking on the blue bubbles across the top of this website. 

Thanks to Dave Pabinquit and his drone, we have some amazing photos of the rifle-pistol range.    Click here to see Dave's photos

SLOSA operates a number of different ranges (Rifle-Pistol, Shotgun, Archery) as well as many monthly or weekly matches.   Each range and match has its own schedule.   Below are the hours for our three main public ranges along with links for more info.    Need info on one of the other matches or event?   Look across the top of the screen for the blue "bubble" with the topic of interest. 
Hours for Rifle-Pistol
   Monday, Saturday, Sunday:  8AM to 4PM
   Thursday, Friday: 8AM to 9PM
      Closed Tuesday & Wednesday
805-541-3338 (answered only when range is open)
Hours for Shotgun (Trap & Skeet)
   Monday 9AM - 2PM
   Tuesday & Wednesday CLOSED
   Thursday  9AM-2PM & 3PM-8PM
   Friday 9AM-2PM & 3PM-8PM
,  Saturday & Sunday 9AM - 3PM 
        805-547-1209 (answered only when range is open)
Hours for Archery
Saturday & Sunday: 9AM - 2PM
Currently closed weekdays
See the Archery page for details about backrange shoots
But Google says your hours are...
Unfortunately, the Google business summary page seems to only allow one set of hours to be shown for a business.   We have a variety of ranges (rifle-pistol, shotgun, archery, action pistol, cowboy action, muzzleloader) each with their own hours.   We are looking into it but it doesn't appear that the Google Business summary will allow that level of detail in the hours listed.  So we had to pick one set of hours to list and we picked Rifle-pistol because that is by far our most visited range.   You will always find the detailed hours for each range listed here at and we apologize for any confusion that the Google listing creates.
Student Night on the Rifle-Pistol and Shotgun ranges
Friday Night is Student Night at the Rifle/Pistol range.   Bring your student ID to the Friday night session (6PM-9PM) and shoot for $10 even if you aren't a member.  And on the Shotgun range, students can shoot for the member price of $8/round on Thursdays.   In 2017, student pricing at Shotgun expands to Thursdays, Fridays and Mondays!
Popgun Night
Popgun Night is our monthly family-oriented rimfire-only evening at the rifle range.   We start Popgun night at 5 PM and it goes until about 8.  Popgun Night is the first Saturday of each month at 5PM at the SLOSA Rifle-Pistol range.  See the  Youth Activities page  for additional information. 


Consider a SLOSA membership.    In addition to helping us create and maintain our world-class facility, your membership will get you a discount on range fees and will give you first access to information about upcoming events at the range.    A memberships is valid for the family (you, your spouse and any minor children).   Memberships are $75 for a year (12 months from the date you join) or $300 for 5 years or $750 for a lifetime membership.  You can join online here:  Member Signup / Information    You can also join at the rifle/pistol or shotgun/archery ranges during their normal operating hours.   Are you an existing member who wants to renew online?  Click here for help with renewing online. 
Come by and check us out!
Stop by and check our our world class Rifle/Pistol,  Shotgun, and Archery ranges and all the other events and matches.   Visitors are always welcome during any of the range's normal operating hours.   Hearing and eye protection is required when the range is in operation.  It is available for loan if you do not have it -- ask!      
"What else is going on?"
Our three main public ranges are rifle&pistol, trap&skeet,  and archery.  In addition to those three ranges, there are a wide variety of specialty venues/matches at SLOSA.   If you want more information about any of these matches, follow the highlighted links here:   Chorro Valley Regulators   Muzzleloaders   and the various matches at the Hogue Action Pistol range:   IDPA   ICORE   USPSA   Steel Challenge   USPSA-3-Gun   USPSA Tactical Shotgun   Rimfire Match     You can also find detailed information about other programs by following these links:   Hunter Safety   High Power Match   GALs   Youth Activities       

The range is located off of Highway 1 between San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay.    To find us, map our physical address: 3270 Gilardi Road, San Luis Obispo, CA or follow this link: