SLOSA is a place for young people to learn and practice the safe and enjoyable aspects of shooting sports.   Under the proper supervision of a parent or guardian, we welcome youth on all of our ranges.    We welcome group visits from youth groups including Boy Scouts, 4H, school and Church groups.  Contact the venue of interest for details (e.g., Archery, Rifle-Pistol, Shotgun, Hunter Safety, etc.).     


Shout Out to CalPoly Marksmanship Club! 

The Mustang Marksmen have donated .22LR ammunition for Pop Gun Night [youth shooters only]. We hope to see you here!

What is Popgun Night?  On the first Saturday evening of every month starting at 5PM, the rifle-pistol range is open to Popgun Night.    On this evening, the range is limited to rimfire guns.   It is a popular event for families, but shooters of all ages are welcome.  Often, a fun match is held for the kids so they can see who has the best aim that night.    

We start Popgun Night at 5 PM and it goes until about 8.  The cost is $5 per shooter for kids.  All ages are welcome.   (As always, minors must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian).  So find a brick of .22, dust off your rimfire guns and bring the family out for some fun. 

For more information or questions about youth programs and opportunities, please contact Youth Director, Mike Ambos at